Which is the Best Type of Glass Pool Fencing?

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When it comes to pool fences, glass pool fences are the most preferred style in the market. They look elegant, durable, and increases your property’s value.

Glass pool fences are made of durable and long-lasting tempered glass. This means that it won’t easily break. In case it breaks, it will crumble instead of shattering into dangerous shards. Thus, glass pool fences are an ideal material because it’s safe, sturdy, and durable.

Your dilemma would be choosing between a framed or frameless glass pool fence. Both are great and serves the purpose of keeping you and your family safe around the pool. To help you choose which one best suit your needs, our experts at Darwin Pool Fencing listed the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Framed Glass Pool Fencing

This is the traditional type of pool fencing. Most homeowners have framed glass pool fencing because of its elegant appearance and versatility. Framed glass pool fencing has standard glass that is secured in place using stainless steel posts. To ensure that your pool fencing is sturdy and stable, these stainless steel posts are embedded deep into the ground.


It is more affordable

It doesn’t have horizontals which keep its clean and harmonious appearance


Although it gives you a good view of the surrounding areas, you can see the noticeable posts between the glass panels that obstruct minimal of the view.

Compared to frameless glass pool fencing, they are thinner at about 8mm or 10mm.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Nowadays, you have the option to choose frameless glass pool fencing. By far, this is the most preferred type of glass pool fencing because it’s elegant and nearly invisible. It creates an illusion that there is no fence in your swimming pool area. Instead of stainless steel posts, frameless glass pool fencing contains huge glass panels. There will be tiny gaps between each panel. However, not wide enough for pets or children to pass through.


Offers a clear and unobstructed view of your surroundings

Since there are no posts for little children or pets to climb on, frameless glass pool fencing is much safer

Made of thick, sturdy, and durable glass that can withstand harsh weather conditions and physical impacts


They are more expensive than framed pool fences. However, they last longer.

Since the pool fence is clear, there’s a tendency that someone or pets can run into it and slightly injure themselves. This can be avoided by putting a safety sign.


Which one best suit your needs? Both options provide security while making your outdoor space look more sophisticated and elegant. It all depends on your preferences, purpose, and budget. The size of the area also plays a significant role in the decision. For instance, for smaller pool areas, a frameless glass pool fence would be a good option to make space appear larger.

Here at Darwin Pool Fencing, we can guide you in choosing the best type of pool fencing to install in your yard. We consider your budget, lifestyle, and your preferred design or style.