The Difference Between a Horizontal and a Vertical Balustrade

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A balustrade will make your railings complete. While balustrades come in various materials, there are only two types of balustrades to choose from—vertical or horizontal. At first, there may be little differences between the two. However, if you’re priority is safety fencing or protection, then a vertical balustrade will work for you. To help you […]

5 Reasons to Choose a Mesh Fence

When it comes to choosing a pool fence, your top priority will always be safety. A mesh pool fence is preferred by homeowners because of its elegant and timeless look. At the same time, it’s proven to be safe and effective if you have little children or pets. What’s more, a mesh fence can be […]

What Makes Glass Balustrades a Popular Option

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Many homeowners are using glass balustrades to support balconies and staircases. This will ensure structural safety for elevated spaces in both outdoor and indoor areas. In reality, you can choose different materials and types of balustrades to use for your home. However, glass balustrades are the most popular material due to their benefits compared to […]

Which is the Best Type of Glass Pool Fencing?

When it comes to pool fences, glass pool fences are the most preferred style in the market. They look elegant, and durable, and increase your property’s value. Glass pool fences are made of durable fence materials and long-lasting tempered glass. This means that it won’t easily break. In case it breaks, it will crumble instead […]